6 steps to uncovering your authentic self

We’re often told about the importance of having a strong sense of who we are. How do we form an honest and thorough picture of ourselves, so that we can truly understand our authentic selves? These six steps will help bring you closer to uncovering your true self!

1. Acknowledge that there are many disparate parts of your identity.

Recognizing and embracing all of the “hats” you wear in each part of your life will help you understand who you are and how you interact with the world around you.

2. Reflect on and determine your values and beliefs, your interests and passions.

​Try not to concern yourself with what you think others expect of you. Dive in and engage with the things that resonate most with you. This will generate genuine excitement and integrity.

3. Understand that the real you is not always the best, fastest, or bravest you.

The real you is the person who owns his or her weaknesses and is unafraid to admit these imperfections. Take some time to investigate where your strengths and weaknesses lie – and then embrace both.

4. Be spontaneous! Spontaneity lends way to authenticity.

Keep your reflexes quick and allow yourself to be true to yourself by avoiding over-preparation. Seek moments and opportunities that allow you to engage in delightful, impromptu actions. This will not only show others – but will also show yourself – what traits make up your authentic self.

5. Recognize that authenticity can be as much about levity as it is about gravity.

The authentic version of yourself does not have to be all business all the time, and in fact, shouldn’t be. Make sure to engage with the fun and playful sides of your work and personality.

6. Finally, make concerted effort to quiet the external noise around you.

When you spend energy listening to others or becoming exactly who others want you to be, you compromise the quality of yourself, your value, and your work. Authenticity begets both a better you and stronger outcomes.