Good Morning America

Whether it’s getting that promotion, that raise, or a new opportunity, success hinges not only on how hard you work and your strengths, but also on how others see you. Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang shares 4 tips to find your ‘edge’ with Good Morning America.

This Week in Startups

Insights on overcoming disadvantages to create an edge, being bitter vs. getting better, structural bias in tech & more. 

Time Magazine

Excerpt from Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage, on why “fake it till we make it” is not good advice.

HBS Cold Call

Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang, whose new book Edge explores methods for turning adversity into professional advantage, is joined by Venture Capitalist Arlan Hamilton to discuss her strategy of backing entrepreneurs who have been ignored because of stereotypes, biases, and preconceptions.

CNBC Make It

Harvard professor: Elon Musk once told me to ‘get out’ during a meeting–here’s how I won him over.

Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

Laura talks college admissions scandals, parenting, and how to teach your kids how to create their own edge to get ahead (instead of always relying on you to give them an advantage).

DreamIt Live

How to leverage investor biases when raising capital for your startup, during this #DreamitLive discussion. 

Southwest Magazine

In Southwest Magazine’s Jan 2020 edition (p. 57), Professor Laura Huang talks about how hard work can only get you so far. To get to the top, you have to shape how others view you.

Jill on Money

Confronting the factors that seem like shortcomings and turning them into assets that make others take notice, Jill on Money, with Jill Schlesinger.


The most important social skill you can master, according to a Harvard Business School professor. Laura Huang on the keys to emotional intelligence.
"It's the questions, not the answers, that give you clarity and understanding."
Laura Huang